For Investors


Real estate can be made smart. Investing in commercial or residential properties, even buying a land for developing real estate projects are all services that AZK Properties puts at your service for a simple, transparent and intelligent outcome.

The big picture – Bucharest has got more than two million square meters when it comes to office buildings and even one million square meters for industrial space. The last seven years have seen tremendous growth and development and there is still demand for new real estate projects. The key is to find the perfect location for your plans.

The right asset or business for you to invest in is within your reach. Let AZK Properties save you time and help you from having to find the answers on your own. Together, we will join forces and find the right ways to answer questions like:

  • Your profile
  • Your vision of the market and human behavior, economic cycle, competition
  • Your primary investment field
  • The market and the economic risks
  • Investment schedule, the time period between your searching, acquisition and the exit

Thinking of either short-term or long-term investment, your requirements will be met best by having a team of specialists by your side. In order to do that, we will:

  • Define your goals and strategy, as well as the target property
  • Issue a market report and feasibility study in order to help you to understand the market
  • Will decide together if the solutions are suitable for you
  • Negotiate and sign/close the contract
  • Implement the project
  • Deal with contractors and construction
  • Close and exit.

By contacting AZK Properties you will find yourself maximizing your position while being advised on trends of the market, as well as location and pricing of the asset.

Our Approach

At AZK PROPERTIES we treat every single investor as an unique entity, with unique operational and financial objective that requires intelligent and custom solutions in order to achieve your goals. With a tailored to meet approach we are confident that if you are a private investor with one time deal or an investor who wants to create a real estate portfolio, AZK PROPERTIES can be your longtime partner.

Regardless of your nature of being private or corporate investor, with a one-time deal or your goals and strategies are to create a real estate portfolio, you will be pleased to know that your needs are met with AZK Properties.

A tailored approach is our way of considering your unique entity together with your operational and financial objectives. Starting from this, together we will achieve the goals and strategies we set by guaranteeing smart solutions. We are confident that AZK Properties will become your long-term partner.

Real Estate Divisions

  • Investment

    Investment in real estate is more than meets the eye. You will want someone who understands that businesses are no longer B2B or B2C, they have become Human-to-Human. Your real estate agent should also have knowledge about the market and the people in it. And this is where AZK Properties teams up with you.

  • Residential

    AZK Properties created the Residential department specifically to focus on the new projects located in the top real estate area. We provide integrated real estate services to investors and developers, starting from the first steps of the project until the final exit.

  • Industrial

    Being an investor, landlord or tenant is very challenging in our days. We understand that. Count on AZK Properties for understanding your position and tailoring some of the best solutions to meet your requests.

  • Land

    Are you a landlord or investor ready to establish a land transaction? Buying, selling or renting is made much easier by a team comprising the experience and know-how. You will find that out when contacting AZK Properties and finding out that we offer integrated services based on the client request.
    AZK Properties likes to think of efficiency as the key of getting the best results in smart real estate.