About Us

AZK Properties handles A-Z services in the real estate B2B sector, available for investors, landlords, banks and real estate companies. We are ready to give you insight and help you in circumstances like brokerage, investment, valuation or property management.

The background of our managing team in local and international business sectors including the real estate, investment banking, financial services, capital markets, makes AZK Properties team confident when advising clients in every aspect of the real estate sector.

Services dedicated to Investors

We treat every single investor as a unique entity, with unique operational and financial objective that requires intelligent and custom solutions in order to achieve your goals. With a tailored to meet approach we create an exclusive services package for real estate investor that include steps like:

  • Define your goals and strategy, as well as the target property
  • Issue a market report and feasibility study in order to help you to understand the market
  • Will decide together if the solutions are suitable for you
  • Negotiate and sign/close the contract
  • Implement the project
  • Deal with contractors and construction
  • Close and exit

Services dedicated to landlords

Real estate market is a very dynamic market and for that reason we permanently stay in touch with the market trends in order that you to receive the best real estate services such as:

  • Unique representation: we represent just your interest
  • Definition of the strategy
  • Preparation of the professional documentation
  • Market research
  • Getting in touch with clients and representing your interests
  • Negotiating, signing and closing

Integrated real estate services

With a unique and exclusive approach to just one part in entire real estate process, owner or investor, we offer integrated real estate services that cover the entire pre and post real estate transaction. Together with your will create a team that will assist you and will be one your side. The services package include:

  • Real estate services
  • Financial services
  • Legal services
  • Construction & Development services
  • Architecture Services
  • Project management services
  • Project development services
  • Property management services
  • Facility management services