About Us

Dear Clients and Partners,

AZK Properties handles A-Z services in the real estate B2B sector, available for investors, landlords, banks and real estate companies. We are ready to give you insight and help you in circumstances like brokerage, investment, valuation or property management.

You are a unique entity and deserve to receive personalized advising services, tailored to your financial and operational needs. Together, we will make a goal out of finding, analyzing and delivering intelligent and transparent solutions to meet your requirements.

The background of our managing team in local and international business sectors including the real estate, investment banking, financial services, capital markets, makes AZK Properties team confident when advising clients in every aspect of the real estate sector.

In offering the best answers to your questions, we are guided by values such as experience – that we have acquired on the market, passion – that we invest in you and your demand, as well as support through the whole process. We treat every client as a VIP whose needs are met throughout the whole journey together with AZK Properties.

The moment you will contact us is the moment you will have access to more specific ways of how AZK Properties can meet your needs. Everything becomes more clear with the first business meeting we set.

Sincerely Yours,

Edward Clifford,
Founder & Managing Partner